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Enjoying a slice of Liguria focaccia, framed by greenery, overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

Bliss in a Brown Bag

An enduring romance with Liguria Bakery focaccia. by Rachel Markowitz The sun shone, the sky blazed blue, and the newly unfurled leaves of the London plane trees were a young, fuzz-laden green. But it was eerily...
An illustration of one of Pass By Catastrophe's album covers, which includes all four band members wearing military helmets

University Blues

Student band Pass by Catastrophe faces an uncertain future. by Chasity Hale The Rolling Stones, the English classic rock band, are named after the Muddy Waters single “Rollin’ Stone.” Belle and Sebastian, the Scottish indie-pop band,...
One of Bober’s favorites, this image of a wave curling in past the Golden Gate Bridge, was selected as a finalist for the National Geographic student competition

Making Waves

How 17-year-old surf photographer Jack Bober sees the swell. by Christian Baba Jack Bober is an ocean photographer from Marin County who focuses on surf in the Bay Area, Southern California, and Hawaii. His work has...

Outside the Frame

My pal Sam and I embarked on an urban hike from Cole Valley to the Palace of Fine arts in late August. We made an indulgent pit stop at b. patisserie on California St...

Film Photography, Street Style: An Interview with Analog Photographer Jonathan Paragas

Jonathan Paragas is a Bay Area street photographer. His Youtube Channel, kingjvpes, focuses on the artistry and technique behind film photography. I sat down with Jonathan in Benicia, CA to discuss street photography, his...

Forbidden Voices

“In some ways, it’s the most natural, most legitimate thing, for a woman to sing for her child. And some countries will take the voice of a woman away,” Nazy Kaviani told me. Kaviani was born in Iran...

Listening Through the Walls

Hyde Street, near Turk, looks like most Tenderloin blocks. Old market on the corner, a Chinese restaurant. Grit, noise, smells, but a little better than it used to be. Unless you look at the...

From L.A. to Y.C.

Growing up in Texas, sports and school spirit were everything. On Friday nights in my hometown, nearly all 35,000 people would gather at the high school stadium to cheer on the football...

Gochujang Cauliflower Tacos

As a resident of the Richmond district in San Francisco, I’d be an idiot not to embrace the Asian flavors around me. My neighborhood faves include Dim Sum, Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu soup), Tea Leaf Salad, and banh mi...

Musical Superpowers

Afton’s love of music started early. “I always thought I had great music taste, and I prided myself on that,” she said with a playful smile. “I loved finding new bands and felt very connected personally to the artists that I listened to growing up.” Afton now looks to establish that same connection with her listeners through her music, actions, and online presence.