Outside the Frame

Watercolor by Taylor Flohr

My pal Sam and I embarked on an urban hike from Cole Valley to the Palace of Fine arts in late August. We made an indulgent pit stop at b. patisserie on California St to pick up painting sustenance in the form of four flaky, glorious pastries. Painting on-site at the Palace of Fine Arts, with its intricate details and lush surroundings, had been on my list for years. We sat on a green bench to the left of a perfectly manicured willow tree and talked of life and love, while trying to keep the crumbs away from my watercolors.

On the roof of our apartment building perched on the tippy-top of 17th Street, I reclined in a creaky beach chair alongside my neighbor, Jesse. It was one of those rare warm afternoons in early October, where I didn’t have to wrestle with the wind to keep my paper from blowing away. I gave Jesse a painting tutorial as we chatted, sipped our beer, and captured my favorite city view. I’ve painted this view at least 5 times, and it never ceases to inspire wonder.

Taylor Flohr is a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine by day and a watercolor artist by night. Her spirit is most alive when painting in plein air from parks and hiking trails. She started her business, TaylorMade Watercolor, in 2018. Her prints and original works are available for purchase on her Etsy page.