Mission Statement

The San Franciscan is a fiercely independent magazine that celebrates the diverse subcultures of San Francisco and the Bay Area through humor and criticism, but always with utmost sincerity and pride.

Cofounders Amanda Legge & Erica Messner


Meet the Team

Amanda Legge (she/her) is cofounder and creative director of The San Franciscan. She grew up in the Bay Area and works in fintech. Outside of work the only hobby she has is this magazine. She can be reached at amanda@thesanfranciscanmagazine.com

Erica Messner (she/her) is cofounder and editor in chief of The San Franciscan. On a sunny day, when she’s not writing, you can find her climbing stairways and taking pictures of Sutro Tower. She lives on a hill in the City by the Bay. She can be reached at erica@thesanfranciscanmagazine.com

Fernando San Martin (he/him) is business manager of The San Franciscan. He’s a physicist by trade, a computer scientist by day, and a chess player at heart. He grew up in Ronda, Spain.

Rachel Markowitz (she/her) is copyeditor/proofreader of The San Franciscan. A freelance proofreader specializing in cookbooks, she lived joyfully in San Francisco for more than twenty-five years before leaving the city with her family in summer 2021 for points northeast.

Sydney Vogl (she/her, they/them) is poetry editor of The San Franciscan. She moved to San Francisco on a whim four years ago and has called it home ever since. Her work has been published in Ghost City Press, The Tusculum Review, The San Franciscan, and more. Their debut chapbook, CALIFORNIA IS GOING TO HELL, is available to order through perhappened press. Their favorite spot to write is a sunny corner of Golden Gate Park. They can be reached at: poetry@thesanfranciscanmagazine.com

Jared Daniel Morin (he/him) is marketing coordinator of The San Franciscan. A self-proclaimed “Bay Area Baddie,” he grew up in San Francisco’s Excelsior District and loves his local community. When he’s not traversing the city via Muni and BART, he likes to spend his time exploring and eating with his friends, rock climbing when weather permits, and raising three quacky ducks. He can be reached at marketing@thesanfranciscanmagazine.com

Jayne Martin (she/her) is flash fiction editor of The San Franciscan. A native San Franciscan, she is the author of Tender Cuts, a microfiction collection from Vine Leaves Press, and The Daddy Chronicles—Memoir of a Fatherless Daughter, available for pre-order from Whiskey Tit. She can be reached at flash@thesanfranciscanmagazine.com

Noah Sanders (he/him) is books editor of The San Franciscan. After thirteen years in San Francisco, he answered the call to a new adventure and now lives in the North Bay with his fiancée and their dramatic dog-child, Arlo. He is the founding editor of The Racket journal and reading series. He can be reached at books@thesanfranciscanmagazine.com

About Us

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