Primarying Pelosi

“Who?” “Agatha Bacelar, she’s primarying Nancy Pelosi. You want to write about her?” I take the assignment and find myself at some cocktail-party-type deal at an apartment I couldn’t afford if I robbed a pharaoh. After briefly saying hello and exchanging info, Bacelar texts me a few days later that she’s having a campaign kickoff at her apartment in the Mission and I should show. Alright. I’ve never been to a longshot’s political kickoff.
Grant Faulkner reads from his flash fiction collection, “Fissures,” at the Bindery in San Francisco


A conversation about flash fiction with Grant Faulkner. by Jayne Martin Unlike novels, or even short stories, flash fiction is impatient. “Get on with it,” it says. Exposition is its death knell. It withholds, teases, and entices the reader to enter and then lingers like an all-too-real dream. Microfiction, a subgenre...
Gaucho glasses floating in front of a cloud of smoke on a mysterious black background
Audio: Author Christopher Merchant reads.  by Christopher Merchant This work of short fiction is adapted from the author’s novel-in-development. Nic worked as a teacher’s aide at an elementary school. Work meant showing up on time with a manageable hangover. Most mornings, he’d wake up, stop hugging himself on the cold couch, get...

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