Crossword puzzle from Issue 3 of The San Franciscan.
A roller-skater in Golden Gate Park

Take Me to Church

The rolligion of San Francisco's beloved roller-skating community. by Erynne Elkins Cooped up in my small apartment, imagining what I’d otherwise be doing on a Friday night in August, I return over and over to the same memory: my first visit to the Church of 8 Wheels roller rink. It was...

Primarying Pelosi

“Who?” “Agatha Bacelar, she’s primarying Nancy Pelosi. You want to write about her?” I take the assignment and find myself at some cocktail-party-type deal at an apartment I couldn’t afford if I robbed a pharaoh. After briefly saying hello and exchanging info, Bacelar texts me a few days later that she’s having a campaign kickoff at her apartment in the Mission and I should show. Alright. I’ve never been to a longshot’s political kickoff.

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