One of Bober’s favorites, this image of a wave curling in past the Golden Gate Bridge, was selected as a finalist for the National Geographic student competition

Making Waves

How 17-year-old surf photographer Jack Bober sees the swell. by Christian Baba Jack Bober is an ocean photographer from Marin County who focuses on surf in the Bay Area, Southern California, and Hawaii. His work has been featured in Surfline’s Swell Story, the Inertia, Salt Water, and Marin Magazine, and has...
Grant Faulkner reads from his flash fiction collection, “Fissures,” at the Bindery in San Francisco


A conversation about flash fiction with Grant Faulkner. by Jayne Martin Unlike novels, or even short stories, flash fiction is impatient. “Get on with it,” it says. Exposition is its death knell. It withholds, teases, and entices the reader to enter and then lingers like an all-too-real dream. Microfiction, a subgenre...
Black and white image of Kem Lee surrounded by tall library shelves, pulling a photo book out of the archives.
Remembering Chinatown’s most well-known forgotten photographer. by Charles Russo A few years back, I drove over to Berkeley in search of a single photograph. If my research was right, the image was in the Kem Lee photo archive at the University of California, Berkeley, Ethnic Studies Library. The collection contains over 200,000...

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