Afton’s love of music started early. “I always thought I had great music taste, and I prided myself on that,” she said with a playful smile. “I loved finding new bands and felt very connected personally to the artists that I listened to growing up.” Afton now looks to establish that same connection with her listeners through her music, actions, and online presence.

Silicon City

In Silicon City, author Cary McClelland has constructed a neatly woven book of oral histories about the Bay Area and the acute problems it is facing. As tech money and employees have streamed into San Francisco, many long-time residents have been evicted, out-priced and forced to move further and further away, dispersing and destroying once deep-rooted communities. 
Jonathan Paragas is a Bay Area street photographer. His Youtube Channel, kingjvpes, focuses on the artistry and technique behind film photography. I sat down with Jonathan in Benicia, CA to discuss street photography, his relationship to the Bay Area, and his mission to keep film alive. Below is an...

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