Contributor Guidelines

The San Franciscan publishes two print issues per year featuring work from a diverse group of local artists and writers. While contributors do not need to be current residents of San Francisco, we are looking for artists with a strong connection to the Bay Area. We are always excited to receive queries and submissions from artists and illustrators who are passionate about our mission. Reach out with any questions:

Featured Illustrations

The San Franciscan publishes literary journalism including short- and long-form reported pieces, photo essays, reviews featuring cultural commentary or critique, profiles, data visualizations, and more. For our featured illustration needs, we try to match artists with written pieces based on their style, unique angle, and connection to the topic. Email us with your interest in contributing and a portfolio of work at: We are now accepting illustration queries and portfolios.

Watercolors & In-text Illustrations

The San Franciscan publishes multiple watercolors and in-text illustrations per issue. We encourage locally themed submissions. Email your watercolors and illustrations to: We are now accepting watercolors and in-text illustrations.


The San Franciscan publishes multiple cartoons per issue. We encourage locally themed submissions. Email your cartoons to: We are now accepting cartoons.

Fiction Illustrations

The San Franciscan publishes one short fiction piece per issue. Illustrations for fiction pieces occupy a full page with the title and author’s name stylized and embedded within the illustration. If you are an illustrator interested in working with us, please email us a link to your online portfolio at We are now accepting offers to illustrate fiction pieces.

Cover Submissions

The San Franciscan includes one locally themed cover per issue. Though we encourage a variety of work, we have a preference for content relating to San Francisco that reflects the state of the city at the time of publishing. Email us with ideas for submissions and a portfolio of your work at:


The San Franciscan is run by a small team of passionate and dedicated volunteers, and the money we earn from sales funds the production of the magazine. Paying writers and artists is important to us. At this time, we are able to offer writers and artists small honorarium payments to acknowledge their invaluable contributions. Please inquire for further details.