Summer 2019

My job as an editor is to peel back layers of skin, to remove dead tissue—to do no harm, but to ensure that the heart of a piece beats right on the surface of the page. And so I wonder about San Francisco—if we peel back the layers, if we turn the city inside out: What are the guts? Where is the heart?

This is a tough city. San Franciscans possess the toughness of dreamers. We have the toughness to imagine, again and again, gold in the next stream. The next big idea in our pocket. We pursue our visions day after day, sloughing off the realities around us to build the worlds we imagine. And with us, our city leans into the shimmering sunset, presses its body against the golden gates, and reaches for a distant dream.

This magazine is our effort to capture a collection of ephemeral moments and pin them down, wriggling, on the page. In our inaugural issue, you’ll find a final interview with a world-famous tattoo artist, an essay on tech culture from an outsider-turned-insider-turned-outsider, featured poetry and artwork, critique and commentary, and a healthy dose of humor. We present a San Francisco full of possibilities and of contradictions: complex, capricious, incomplete.

          Erica Messner


P.S. Any similarities to a certain well-known weekly are purely coincidental and result from sincere admiration, close study, and some fancy graphic design tricks.

Erica Messner is the Editor-in-Chief at the magazine. She works at Stanford as an education researcher. If she’s not re-writing this very sentence 27 times, she’s probably off on a run, at band practice, or drinking wine at book club.