A woman holding an umbrella floating over the city of San Francisco

Into the Wild

by Katie Kahn Just before St. Patrick’s Day, I locked myself inside, away from society. But this year, I didn’t reappear Sunday pretending I hadn’t seen those invites to Maggie McGarry’s and Kells (green isn’t...

My Typical San Francisco Day

I awake to the barking seals of Fisherman’s Wharf at precisely 10:34 a.m. After scrolling through Reddit from my bed with one sleepy eye, I head to the bathroom to drink some fresh Hetch...

The “Truth” Behind San Francisco’s Most Untrue Myths

San Francisco is a city rich with natural beauty, significant history, and LIES. Sure, everyone likes to have a few “fun facts” up their sleeve, but if you believe everything you hear, it’s only a matter of time before you’re...